Thought for the Week: Point to Ponder

Rector’s ramblings from on holiday
Our last two holidays have led us to places of stunning beauty – majestic mountains, amazing sunsets, glaciers (albeit a bit receding on the Icefields Parkway last September), quiet snow covered forest walks, the time to watch and listen to the sounds of nature all around us.

 Very often we find ourselves lost for words when we experience the wonder of God’s creation.   I find myself mumbling about ‘awe and wonder’ rather than being able to adequately express in words what I see with my eyes or feel within me.

Yet on both our holidays recently, surrounded by so much beauty, I found myself thinking about how many people are actually really striving to bond with such sights, to bond with the sacred, to somehow become at one with the Creator.

Very often I hear people say, ‘I found this beautiful and peaceful place that reminds me of God’s presence.’ Others say, ‘When I feel lonely, I like to go to the church and just sit in the stillness.’  So often we find ourselves looking for external places to encounter God when actually what we could also do is meet him within ourselves. Inner journeying might seem quite frightening and we can feel very vulnerable.  Why?  Because it requires a decision, an action on our part to ‘let go, let God.’  As we reflect on our readings this week, on God’s call to each of us, maybe, like Mary a few short weeks ago, our response  need simply be, ‘Here I am…let it be with me according to your word.’

If we simply ‘let go, let God’, maybe we will find that meeting God will be an encounter of love, revelation, refining or even simply surrendering. The good thing about such a  journey is that we become seekers and our hearts becomes the place where God cherishes us, a place where we can hear those wonderful words from the book of Solomon, ‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away…’ (Song of Solomon 2:10) and maybe we let our response just be ‘My beloved is mine and I am his.’ (2:16).