Thought for the Week: 

Point to Ponder

I have been away this week at the Clergy Gathering.  In all honesty I was not sure what to expect.  Years of conferences and endless new initiatives in my professional life might have coloured my judgement here.  However, I went off with the usual nagging worry of ‘how will I catch up after effectively three days away?’

Diary commitments meant I had to arrive late.  As I sat down the person opposite me got up and left!  Was it my perfume, I wondered?  Am I in someone’s seat? Within minutes, this un-known colleague re-appeared at my side bearing coffee and biscuits and simply saying, ‘You look as though you could do with this.’  Lesson number 1:  Don’t judge a situation until you see more of what is happening!

This was just the start of an amazing time of fellowship, conversation, teaching which combined passion with compassion, inspiration with serious challenge.  We were asked to reflect on our call to ministry and where we were right now.  Three Bishops, David, Nicholas and Victoria challenged us to the very heart of our being – not in any intimidating way – but simply by reminding us that a call to ministry did not guarantee an easy road; indeed, the likelihood of this was remote. But whatever happens, we are held in the love of God every step of the way.

In one of the final sessions the image of us being invited to the dance was mentioned.  As a non-dancer, this set me thinking.  Our dance together in God, our community as the Body of Christ, will allow us to do things together that we could never imagine on our own.  Jesus left us the great commission to ‘make disciples of all nations’ and to invite others to the dance by ‘baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’  In this dance we will learn to love God and love one another; together we can make a difference in the world. Yes, we will occasionally step on another’s foot or step out of line in the dance. But the beauty of the dance is that God is always in control and always invites us back.
Allowing the love of God to bind us together, just as it binds Father, Son and Holy Spirit together, will bring more joy and fullness to lives and our ministries than anything else.  Let’s be brave and accept the offer; not Strictly Come Dancing, but simply, ‘Shall we dance?’ Amen