Thought for the week; point to ponder

Food for thought:  Feasting or fasting?
In Lent so much talk is on giving something up or fasting.  Amended from Pope Francis we are asked to consider this:   Do you want to fast this Lent?
FAST from hurting words; FEAST on kind words.
FAST from sadness; FEAST on gratitude.
FAST from anger; FEAST on patience.
FAST from pessimism; FEAST on hope.
FAST from worries; TRUST in God.
FAST from complaints; FEAST on simplicity.
FAST from pressures; FEAST on prayer.
FAST from bitterness; FEAST on joy.
FAST from selfishness; FEAST on compassion.
FAST from grudges; be reconciled.
FAST from words; FEAST on the silence and LISTEN.
If we only chose one or two that are our particular areas that need addressing, I think it would be a good start.


Pause for thought:

Man says, ‘Show me and I’ll trust you.’
God says, ‘Trust me and I’ll show you.’

Spirit of peace, move among us. Breathe trust that relies on your presence when we see and when we don’t see. Breathe honesty that acknowledges our doubts and questions. Breathe hope and forgiveness for the sake of community with you and others.  Amen.

‘Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.’  Martin Luther King Jnr

‘Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.’

‘Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.’

The Covenant Prayer

I am no longer my own but yours.
Put me to what you will,
rank me with whom you will;
put me to doing, put me to suffering;
let me be employed for you or laid aside for you,
exalted for you or brought low for you.
Let me be full, let me be empty,
let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things
 to your pleasure and disposal.
And now, glorious and blessed God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
you are mine and I am yours.
So be it.
And the covenant made on earth,
let it be ratified in heaven.                Amen

Almighty and loving God, may we live a holy life that mirrors your goodness and kindness. May we become compassionate as you are, full of mercy on each one of us.  May we become more generous and kind to those who are in most need and are helpless.  Amen.